Thursday, 3 February 2011

These atoms will change shape

Tomorrow, or in ten years
or in fifty
I will seep back into the earth
As if I am sinking into a mattress.
The ground will be a cushion
for my bones.

My skin will fall away
Like a silk dressing gown
Dropping to the floor.

I will be skinny again
Skinnier than I’ve ever been
And it won’t take long,
This new diet:
It won’t take long at all.

It will be the ultimate detox
The most invigorating facial.
I will be a new woman.

And a thousand different kinds
of insect
will feast on me, and
carry me with them
They will cover me like canvas

I will be a part of them

I will feed the grass. 


1 comment:

  1. PS. Bilal told me atoms don't change shape, but whatevs. I will use my artistic licence.